Post-Natal Yoga

Mamaste new mothers!

The delights of having a new-born are immensely beautiful. However there are a few physical and psychological conditions that accompany the pleasure of loving your little bundle of joy.

Thankfully Yoga can help to address these conditions and get your body back into shape, making you healthier, more vital and keeping you calm.

In Post-Natal Yoga we practice movement, balance and relaxation to help your body recover from pregnancy and birth. Some common post-natal issues are back pain, weakened pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as stress and anxiety.

With Yoga we can:

  • Slowly build up strength in the muscles that have been weakened and stretched.
  • Relieve stiffness in the shoulders and back caused by carrying the baby.
  • Promote hormonal balance.
  • Connect breath with emotions, quieten the mind and cultivate positivity.
  • Improve blood flow and detoxify the bodily fluids.

Take a well deserved moment for yourself – your mind and your body.

Below you can find the Post-Natal Yoga packages I offer. Send a message via the contact form underneath to sign up and for any questions.

Whats included in the package?

  • An introductory meeting to identify your specific needs and expectations from the classes.
  • Help setting up your own yoga space at home.
  • Custom meal plan with Ayurvedic recipes to help you get back into balance after birth.
  • Booklet with yoga poses to help keep up your own practice.
  • Two hour-long podcasts to follow for your own practice.

Form your own group for private sessions at your location


Note: Prices vary due to package and group deals. Please send me a message to ask for more details on the pricing.