Park Yoga

Bare feet, grass, sunshine, bird songs, a gentle breeze. These are all things you can expect to be included when we take our practice outdoors.

The meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is ‘union’. Elements such as the sun can help to warm up the muscles and bring us deeper into poses. A passing butterfly can grab our wandering mind and bring it back to the present moment, helping to focus the attention on something small. A slight breeze can help us to deepen the breath, taking in fresh, clean air. By bringing ourselves into contact with nature we create a unity between ourselves and the world we live in.

Practicing Yoga on an uneven surface like grass can intensify poses and increase the physical benefits. When the surface is uneven we are required to focus more on balance, grounding and centering ourselves.

Come join me in the park if you feel like embracing nature while flexing and strengthening your body.

These classes are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners.

Throughout the summer I will be offering a bunch of classes in the various parks of Amsterdam. Check the schedule to see when and where.