Good morning sunshine!

Winter is flying by and the sun is starting to creep back out again, but even so, waking up in the morning can still feel like a drag when it’s still so cold and dark outside. For those of you who – like me – love a good snooze and sometimes find it tricky getting out from under those cozy covers in the morning, I have a few small yoga tips that will get your blood flowing and your body moving – all while you are still lying in bed!

  • As you are lying there all tucked up, start by moving your fingers and toes. Wake up yout fingers and toes entirely with this movement. Then you can move on to making circles with your ankles and wrists. Then take a nice deep breath in, and see if you can feel your lungs and belly filling with air.
  • Time to stretch those limbs; Start by stretching your arms overhead. Don’t worry if you are touching a wall, try grabbing opposing elbows with your hands instead. Stretch your feet out too… you should feel like you are being pulled from both  directions as your body extends. Stretch, stretch and streeettch just a little bit more before you release. You can let out a big sigh as you do this; ‘ahhhhhhhh’ and picture all of the tension in your body releasing. Repeat the process one or two more times. Feeling a bit more awake? On we go to the next stage:
  • Turn so that you are lying on your right side. Using your left hand, push yourself up into a sitting position. Turning to the side and using your hand like this takes any unnecessary strain off your back when lifting your torso up.
  • Rub the palms of your hands together. Once you have created some heat bring your palms to your face and wake it up with some lovely warmth.

    And there you are, up and awake! 🙂
    Have a lovely day!




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