When the body is tired, the eyelids close and we go to sleep. When the mind is tired we need to learn to close our eyelids and look inside, away from external stimulation. I believe yoga helps us to find a quiet center within ourselves, a point of stillness.

We can take this still point with us outside of our yoga practice and use it to deal with difficult situations and emotions. My classes are not only focused on physical well-being, but emotional well-being as well.

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I like Sara’s style of teaching very much. She is a very kind, nurturing and insightful instructor. I keep talking to my friends about her classes and how incredibly relaxed and open she makes you feel after them.


I met Sara last year in Istanbul. She was a friend of my husband who knew my wish to try yoga but also knew my lack of self-convince caused my drawback. I though I could not manage yoga because of my body insecurities. But when my husband introduced me to Sara, she with her high energy and sympathy encouraged me to try it with her. I am very glad that she persuaded me. She is a great teacher, first because of her yoga skills (obviously), secondly, and more importantly for me, her ability to accept my body in addition to making it better. In a phase of negativity of my life, Sara and yoga helped me a lot.
Thank you Sara


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